A really bad day turned in to a really good one.
Holy smokes.

Just got home from watching THG!!
I gotta say, it was sooooo goood! They’ve put a lot of thought into the entire movie and it really is fair to the book. And the actors! WOW. So impressed!! Elizabeth Banks was such and AMAZING Effie and aahh, everyone was just soo gooood!!


There where some things I reallyreallyreally missed. Like a little more violence…haha. It just felt like they’ve really made it a lot less brutal then it really is, but that’s just my opinion.
And I wish the end was kind of bigger and not so..hm..I don’t know it just felt a little rushed and they skipped a lot of stuff that I find important.
There are a few more things I wished where there and more focused on, but it was still an amazing movie. And if everything I wanted was to be in it, it would be a movie that was far over 2h. So I’m happy with it anyways!

My heart was pounding so hard when it first started haha. And I was so excited through the entire thing that I couldn’t really focus on what was actually happening hahah. My mind was constantly thinking “OMG I’M WATCHING THE HUNGER GAMES” over and over again! Definitely buying it when it comes out. I need to watch this a thousand times more!

Literately going like this every time I watch The hunger games teaser trailer:

Lionsgate, stop being bitches and just give us the trailer NOW GOD DAMN IT!